Representational Rights

You Have the Right to be in a Union!

It is your
right to

  • Organize to negotiate with your employer your wages, hours and other terms and conditions.
  • Join or assist a Union. 
  • Discuss Union matters with your coworkers during breaks and other non-work hours.
  • Take action with other coworkers to improve your workplace conditions.
  • Wear Union pins, hats, jackets and other Union gear, as long as it is not a safety hazard or interrupt production. 
  • Have Union representation during a meeting that may result in discipline, also known as Weingarten Rights. 

It is illegal for an employer to

  • Stop you from speaking about or soliciting for a Union during non-work hours or in non-work areas, such as parking lots and break rooms.
  • Question you about your Union support to discourage you from engaging in Union activities.
  • Take adverse actions on you, such as fire, demote, transfer or reduce your hours because of your participation in a Union.
  • Promise or grant benefits to discourage Union support.